Slate plate edges are made all by hand?

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June 29, 2020

Slate plate come with a natural edge are all made by hand?

If you have ever bought or used a slate plate, you may be wondering how these natural edges been made. Is it made by hand? Are craftsmen chop it piece by piece?
Let us talk through this.

Craftsmen using chopping machine

First of all, not all natural edges are made by hands. Most of them are made by machine. Slate factories have one little chop machine, it’s like lazy susan, put slate on the machine, and rotate it. A slate plate with a natural edge comes out.

This technic looks like one more step than a straight edge, for bulk production, yes. Because when slate factories purchase slate materials, they can ask quarry to cut it to the right size. However, for small orders, they use stock materials which may not the right size. It needs an extra step to cut it.

Slate Plates

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